New Haircut/HELP

Hey guys! So i was thinking about cutting my hair, but i am having trouble deciding how i should do it. Right now my hair is pretty long, right about near my ninth rib (counting from the top down), so pretty long i guess. I have really thin hair as well, so i don’t know if that could affect the kind of hairstyle i get, and maybe make it look not as good. I want to cut it to about my fourth rib. Another, better way to describe it is: right now my hair is right underneath my chesticles and i want to cut it to right above. How i would define my hair is a long, thin, dark blonde, straight mess. My hair actually looks good with a lot of styles including straight, curled, ponytail, french braid, etc. Some styles that i struggle with are half up/half down (either ponytail or bun) because my hair is so thin, and i can never get the right amount to put up. I need your advice! Thanks for the help!!



Some ideas i had for my new haircut.


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